Car Donations: Earn a Few Extra Benefits

 Earn a Few Extra Benefits

A car donation is when you donate your old car to charity. This donation is usually channeled through car donation services, which are non-profit organizations with the sole purpose of handling donated cars to charity programs for affiliated charitable institutions.Convenient and Cost-Free DonationIf you are planning to sell an old car, you’ve probably been asked to check donate car to charity programs. Yet, you are probably asking why you should donate car to charity. Why not just sell the car instead? Although you do not get money in return for your car when you donate car to charity, you will be saved from all the tedious task of selling your car. With donate car to charity programs, you will experience the convenience and speed of getting rid an old car. Donate car to charity programs makes donation as easy as possible for you by handling every task and paperwork there is.When you go for donate car to charity programs, the first and last thing you will do is to contact a car donation services. Within 24 to 48 hours, this service will pick up your car, hand you a receipt in return and take care of the rest of the donation process. Donate car to charity programs have three ways of handling donated cars: (1) sell the car at auctions, (2) assigns the car for use of a family or individual or (3) use the car for their charitable operations. When the first option is used, the proceeds from the sale are used for charitable causes, so you are sure that you help the needy whatever way your car is used.Recipients for donate car to charity programs may vary depending on the causes that the charitable institution supports. Their causes may vary from helping typhoon or hurricane victims, disabled people, battered individuals, homeless individuals or cancer patients. If you are inclined to a particular charity cause, you may want to go with a donate car to charity program that supports it. If not, inquire if your supported charitable cause can be accommodated.Aside from convenience and being able to help those in need, donate car to charity programs will save you from any expenses. Car donation services accept all kinds of cars in any condition so you will not need to refurbish your car. And since cars are sold at auctions, you will be saved from advertising expenses as well. Donate car to charity programs doesn’t only spells convenience but cost-free as well.Earn Tax SavingsMoreover, you benefit from a tax break or savings when you go for donate car to charity programs. The federal government allows tax deductions from car donations to charity. Typically, the tax deduction is equivalent to the gross sales amount of the donated car but is not entirely limited to this. The fair market value, which is usually a bigger value, can be used as a tax deduction provided that these two conditions are met: (1) when the donated car is used directly for charitable causes and (2) when improvements are made on the car.Going for donate car to charity programs will definitely save you from the complexities and hassles of selling your car. But before you contact and car donation services and donate to charity, there are a few things you have to consider. To make sure that the non-profit organization offering the donate car to charity program has a legal personality, look for a 501(c)

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