Adjustable MA Expert Advisor

Adjustable MA Forex expert advisor is a customizable moving average EA that offers flexible tuning of the traditional 2-MA cross strategy. You can set different MA periods, MA types, minimum difference, stop-loss, take-profit, trailing stop and slippage. This expert advisor always opens position on cross and closes it on the next cross.

The back-test of the Adjustable MA MetaTrader expert advisor on the 1-year period showed ~19.5% profit with ~10% maximum drawdown. The used position’s volume was set to 0.1 standard lots. The EA made 248 trades, of which 60.48% of the positions were profitable. The default settings were used in this back-test on EUR/USD M5 chart.


What are the stop-loss and take-profit used by this EA?

By default it uses fixed stop-loss at 100 pips and take-profit at 70 pips. The trailing stop is turned off by default.

How often does it trade?

On 5-minute EUR/USD chart (the back-test settings) this EA will trade once every day on average.

Any settings other than default can be used?

The limited forward test (which should be more reliable than a back-test) on AUD/USD M5 chart showed some profitable set-up for this expert advisor. These parameters should be changed from default:

  1. StopLoss — 30
  2. TakeProfit — 50
  3. TrailingStop — 20
  4. Period_1 — 50
  5. Period_2 — 10


Download Adjustable MA expert advisor for MetaTrader 4

Download zipped Adjustable MA expert advisor for MetaTrader 4

Download Otkat Adjustable MA advisor for MetaTrader 5

Download zipped Adjustable MA expert advisor for MetaTrader

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