Development of Automated Forex System Trading

Forex trading systems have been developing over the years. It has changed from being available to only few identities for trade to becoming common to everyone with each passing day. What only big traders and bank could use before, now every individual has access to. Future and stocks were the first instruments which came into the scene and have been progressing since 20-25 years ago. Whereas, Forex system evolution took place some 15 years ago, and since then it has been changing every passing year. One of the recent change with which this evolution can be attributed to is the Fore system being available to average person which was not possible few years back.

Marketers have been trying to produce a system with characteristic of “Holy Grail” in which the system itself has the capability of recognizing conditions of market through which it can enter or exit on its own. There should be no or minimum human interference. Another thing which a system should have is high success rate with a cost that most people can afford. Moreover, humans are very emotional and this makes them sometime decide on illogical trading. Everyone would want a Forex system with above mentioned qualities.

“Holy Grail;” has not yet been invented because there is not product is the market which is perfect and has all the mentioned features. Nevertheless, the automated Forex system trading products have changed dramatically over the years and they have reached a level very near to that of perfect system. There are numerous products in the market which will catch you eye but in real most of them would just take your money instead of making it more for you. Market conditions are the elements on which current system base their signal on. Some of these systems will have a good success rate while some will not.

Naturally, superior Forex systems with good success rate would cost you more than systems which are not superior. One of the recent automated systems which I looked into was around $2000. The price is certainly high for some individuals but the overall system looked good and if you work it right, you will be able to recover your initial investment very quickly. Another thing which you should be aware of is the indirect cost of the bad system, by which you will lose your account money placed with your forex broker.

The most evolved product in the market is the one which considers the market, analysis it with programmed conditions and then makes decisions by executing the order to enter or to exit the trade. This system does not consider the emotions which people show and neither it needs any human monitoring or interference. Therefore, these systems have a general high trade in ratio of around 90%. However, there is one limitation which is associated with these Forex systems. It has a limited number of currency pairs, where some products would have only one and some just 4-5 pairs. Before deciding on your Forex system you need to fully analyze the market with your knowledge, experience and then make the final decision.

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