Stones Can Quickly Lead To Kidney Damage

 Not all kidney stones pass out on their own. Almost 99% of tubules in the kidneys are less than 1mm wide. Even the smallest stones are wide enough to get lodged in the urinary tracts. The real danger from kidney stones lies in their unpredictability and potential for damage.
Stones can begin moving within a tubule just to get lodged again at a bend or narrow passage. Constant contact with free flowing urine allows it quick access to an abundant supply of crystallizing minerals that help it grow.
If a stone gets lodged in one of the main urinary tracts (ureters) it can completely block the flow of urine from that kidney. While this blockage may cause some pain initially the pain can quickly disappear as the kidney begins to shut down.
If the kidney becomes unable to empty its contents into the bladder it can swell up and even rupture. Even if the stone is partially blocking urinary flow bacteria can begin to collect upstream and cause kidney infections that can be life threatening.
One way to quickly eliminate the stone and find relief is by breaking it down naturally. Breakthroughs in urological research now make it possible to safely eliminate stones if treated in time.

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