Why Do Kidney Stones Form?

 New research on kidney stones has revealed startling facts about how they form. Unlike popular belief, kidney stones are not a direct result of your diet. Most kidney stone sufferers have a metabolic inclination to form stones, however the condition is triggered at a certain point when the kidneys become overburdened to maintain mineral balance in the urine.
Once the kidneys lose their ability to keep excess minerals found in the urine dissolved, they begin to form clumps and collect more minerals. Every time your blood empties toxins into the kidneys they begin to move out of liquid and join to the stone surface till it’s large enough to block urinary flow.
Kidney stones should not be taken lightly since they pose very real and immediate dangers to the kidneys. With effective treatment the stones can literally be disintegrated back into urine so normal urinary function can resume. This process is called natural dissolution therapy.

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