Don’t Go Without Health Insurance in Georgia

Georgia is one of the lowest ranked states when it comes to residents who go without health insurance in Georgia. This speaks poorly of our state. We need more residents to purchase health insurance in Georgia, or to have access to it through their place of employment. We also want more children, and the elderly, to also have health insurance in Georgia.

The Georgia government’s Department of Community Health (DCH) works with three managed care organizations to provide health insurance in Georgia to children under the age of 18. These three companies offer health insurance in Georgia plans that are very low cost to families that qualify for government financial assistance, due to being close to or below established federal poverty levels. These plans offer vision, dental and behavioral health services, in addition to medical health insurance in Georgia.

Georgia also has a Medicaid division that offers assistance to individual or families with disabilities or other special needs in order that they also may be able to afford health insurance in Georgia. Check with the DCH to determine if you qualify for any of these plans and health insurance in Georgia.

The health reform act that recently passed in Congress will require every Georgia resident and all American citizens, to purchase health insurance in Georgia, or their respective home state. This is going to result in a huge influx of membership into plans offered and increase in health insurance in Georgia. However, this has not all come to pass yet, and the Georgia government has not yet started implementing some of the recommended guidelines and is allowing the federal government to set up the necessary programs in place first. The reason for this is that Georgia officials are not sure exactly what the federal government is going to require, and they are not sure where the funding is coming from. Therefore, they do not want to spend money up front until they have all the necessary information. It by no means indicates Georgia’s hesitation about increasing health insurance in Georgia.

Recently, the Georgia government passed a law that makes it legal for Georgia residents to purchase health insurance in Georgia from other states’. This means that a Georgia resident can purchase a policy that will be legal health insurance in Georgia from a broker in North or South Carolina, for example. It is important for consumers that do this to make sure that the physician network is readily available in their Georgia region. However, this is a perfectly acceptable option for Georgia residents, if the network is convenient to the Georgia resident.

Georgia needs to improve their ranking of residents who have health insurance in Georgia. It is a shame to be one of the lowest ranked states. We want more and more Georgia residents to have access to medical care and treatment, which will in turn result in a healthier state population. One way of accomplishing this is by improving and increasing the number of people who receive benefits through health insurance in Georgia. This may take government incentives to business owners to provide better health insurance in Georgia. Or possibly, Georgia needs for the employment rates to increase again. Regardless, it is a goal for many people in power positions.

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