How to Choose a Liability Insurance Vendor for Your Business

Liability insurance protects your company from financial damages if your company is sued by a third party. There are many types of liability insurance products and many businesses purchase more than one kind of liability insurance in order to ensure that they have the proper coverage. Different types of liability insurances cover different situations. Umbrella liability insurance policy may cover injuries on your property while professional liability, such as malpractice insurance, may cover a doctor that misdiagnoses a patient.

If a business does not have liability insurance, the business may lose critical assets in the event of a lawsuit or a guilty judgment. Additionally, the company could go bankrupt, depending on the damages that the company may have to pay in the event of a lawsuit. For this reason, choosing a liability insurance vendor is crucial.

In order to find the best liability insurance vendor, ask yourself the following questions:

Who or what needs the liability insurance? The business should have its own liability insurance, even if the business is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) which guarantees that the owners of the business will not lose their assets if there is a lawsuit against the company. However, LLC status does not safeguard the business itself. The company should also make an effort to protect high-profile, high-risk individuals.

What do we need to have covered? Does the business need coverage for Errors & Omissions? Does the business need any type of professional liability insurance? Does it need general liability? Umbrella liability? Workers compensation? Determine the risks that your business could face in order before choosing coverage.

Do we also need worker’s compensation? Many businesses are legally obligated to have worker’s compensation coverage. Check with your particular state’s Department of Labor to determine if your business is required to carry it.

What price am I able to pay for liability insurance? The cost of liability insurance varies by company, coverage, type of insurance, industry, size of the business and more. Make sure to get comparable quotes from at least three companies before deciding on one company to work with.

How large of a policy should I take out? The size of your policy may depend on the amount of money that your business brings in each year. Be sure to speak with representatives from your top vendor selections in order to determine exactly what kind of coverage you can expect from them and what the price for that coverage will be.

Does the vendor have a solid reputation? Always do a Better Business Bureau background check and a Google search for any complaints.
In order to ensure that you receive the best liability insurance policy and terms possible, make sure to do your research. Finding the right liability insurance company can mean the difference between thousands (or even millions) of dollars.

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