Intel 486™ SX processor:

 The embedded Intel486™ SX processor provides high performance to 32-bit, embedded applications that do not required a floating-point unit. The embedded Intel486 SX processor is binary compatible with the Intel386™ and earlier Intel processors. Compared with the Intel386 processor, it provides faster execution of many commonly used instructions. It also provides the benefits of an integrated 8-Kbyte, write-through cache for code and data. Its data bus can operate in burst mode, which provides up to 106Mbps transfers for cache-line fills and instructions prefetches. Two component packages are available: a 196-Lead Plastic Quad Flat Pack (PQFP), and a 168-Pin Grid Array (PGA), both available for 5-volt designs. Both products operate at CLK frequencies up to 33MHz. The IntelDX2™ and IntelDX4™ processors bring the highest level of performance in the Intel486 family, created by such combined features as speed-multiplying technology, on-chip integration of Level I unified code and data cache, memory management unit with paging, and floating-point unit. The clock-multiplier allows the processor to operate at frequencies higher than the external memory bus. The integer unit uses RISC design techniques to provide single-clock-cycle execution of common instructions and general purpose registers for manipulating 32-bit addresses and data. The 8K on-chip Write-Through unified cache on the speed-doubled IntelDX2 processor, and the 16K on-chip Write-Back Enhanced unified cache on the speed-tripled IntelDX4 processor maintains the one-clock-per-instruction execution rate. Intel 486 processors provide support for multiprocessing systems. Support for multi-level caches reduces bus utilization, allowing multiple Intel486 processors to share a single memory bus. For the highest level of performance, choose the IntelDX2 and IntelDX4 processors.

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