Intel Core i7-860 overclocked to 5.39GHz

ntel’s new Lynnfield CPU may be a stripped down version of Bloomfield and Intel’s Core i7-9xx CPUs. There is still plenty of performance with the new platform though. When the first rumors of Nehalem mid-range platform appeared they questioned the overclocking potential, which we denied over and over back then, and now we have it on paper, clearer than ever. We showed in our review that you can overclock Intel’s Lynnfield processors pretty easily and now Coolaler has taken things up a notch.

Together with MSI P55-GD80, Coolaler overclocked Intel’s fastest Lynnfield CPU from 2.80GHz to 5.39GHz with a bus speed of 245MHz and 22x multiplier.

The cooling was liquid nitrogen and the processor was fed with 1.67V. To achieve this new record high clock frequency the motherboard had to settle for a single DDR3 memory module.

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