Videos lampooning iPhone, Evo users gets Best Buy employee suspended

A pair of hilarious videos poking fun at buyers of Apple’s iPhone 4 and Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G has gotten a Best Buy employee suspended, the Associated Press reports.

Brian Maupin, 25, posted the videos in late June, which ridicule diehard fans of the iPhone and Evo smartphones.

The AP reports his employer, a Best Buy store in Independence, Mo., has suspended him, and Maupin expects to lose his job.

His first video, titled “iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo,” has been incredibly popular on YouTube, generating over 1.7 million views. An excerpt from the video, during which a store employee attempts to convince an iPhone fan to consider the Evo:

Employee: “It’s battery is replaceable as is the memory card.”
Fan: “I don’t care.”
Employee: “It is highly customizable, everything from the widgets to the icons, the fonts — and even has video wallpaper.”
Fan: “I don’t care.”
Employee: “The monthly bill is cheaper.”
Fan: “I don’t care.”
Employee: “It (expletive deleted) prints money.”
Fan: “I don’t care.”
Employee: “It can grant up to three wishes, even if one of those wishes is for an iPhone.”
Fan: “I don’t care.”

The original, unsafe for work version can be found here. There’s also a second clip making fun of Evo fans, which has more than 346,000 views.

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