Applying for a Duplicate Approval Notice

Once an immigration application is filed with the USCIS, a notice will be sent by the USCIS which is a proof that the USCIS has received and approved the application that has been filed. Whenever such approval notice is lost or if it has not been received at all,a duplicate approval notice or I797is filed.

Usually duplicate approval notice is filed for the application that has already been approved. The notice will contain the same information present in the original I 797. Basically this is filed for two reasons, if you need to replace the lost copy of the notice if you never received the original copy.

For example, if the application for naturalization form N 400 or application to register permanent resident Form I 485 or Petition for Alien Relative Form I 130 is approved by the USCIS, but you have lost the original notice,you can apply for the duplicate approval notice.

When you should get a duplicate i-797:

A duplicate I 797 is filed when the original notice is lost by filing the USCIS form I 824,which is the application for Action on the approved Application or Petition. This is filed at the USCIS office which approved your original application. Form I 824 is filed while the original application or petition is still in effect. The various scenarios when form I 824 is filed is to replace the notice of action that is lost for the forms like the Form I 130, form I 485 etc. The requested approval notice will contain the same information present in the original notice form I 797 which is the Notice of Action. This will not replace any employment authorization card which is accompanied by the notice of action.

Documents of evidence:

While filing duplicate approval notice,there are certain documents that has to be attached with the form I 824

copy of the original application which has been approved. copy of the form I 797, notice of action for the application or petition which is approved copy of Certificate of naturalization.

Form I 824 can be filed online and should be completed per the instructions and filed along with the necessary supporting documents. The status of the application can be checked with the USCIS office where you had filed your original application. Proper information should be provided to the USCIS office while filing the form. There are chances that the application can be denied. In such cases a motion can be submitted to reopen the case to reconsider their decision.The motion submitted should provide facts that support the condition and to establish that the decision was incorrect based on the given evidence.

Duplicate approval notice is filed to request the approval of a petition to the US consulate abroad. The form I 824 can not be applied for individuals whose application is still pending or the application has been denied. On completion of the form I 824 and any related evidence, together with relevant fee payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security, should be filed with local USCIS office that approved the original application or petition.

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