Be Responsible – Know Jones Act Law Or The Jones Act Maritime Law

What will be the thing to come in your mind when you hear about Jones Act Law or Jones Act Maritime Law? It is certainly a law, but what kind of law and they were referring to what specific field or cases?

In our society, several law were passed and each of which were taking a specific cases covered. One of those law were the Jones Act Law or sometimes called as the Jones Act Maritime Law. Both of the mentioned law refers to the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 which was passed by senator Wesley Jones. This law specifically covers the protection for the maritime workers and govern maritime activities, marine navigation, sailors and seamen. This law is the body of public international law dealing with the navigation rights and jurisdiction over coastal waters and international law governing relationships between nations.

You were aware that maritime industry came to be one of the most riskiest industry, though they paid their workers high. The workers often times were working longer hours compared to regular employee, the said workers were working offshore and often times they were away for couple of months. Because of these the health of the workers may be affected, the may suffer from in adequate medical attention that could result to a health complication or a personal injury. In addition, these also came to be the reason of the accidents during their work, one example was the accident which my father’s co-worker had suffer. The accident happened late at night, it was very fast and less than an hour the man was already set in the hospital. My father told us that his co-worker was checking out for the engine condition when the heard a quick tick and it was followed with a fire and the man was reached by the fire and suffered from second degree burn. They immediately came to rescue the man and it was a good thing that during those times they were situated in a dock to unload their material. Before they took off for another assignment, the man was recovering but it was very slow, he was left in the hospital and look after by a company representative for his needs.

As you would see that was the reality, no one could escape from danger and you could never tell when and where accidents and injuries might visit you, there were no specific time and place.

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