Can I Request That a Cab Driver Speed?

When you’re taking a taxi, you might be in a hurry. The problem is that almost everyone that gets into a cab seems to be in a hurry. Everyone wants the driver to go as fast as they can to get them to their meeting, their date, or their appointment on time. The truth is though, that most Chicago taxi services are already going to try and be as efficient as possible. Some people take it a bit too far though, and actually ask their drivers to speed for them to get them to their destination faster. While there is no rule saying you can’t ask this question, you should be prepared to always get the same answer.

Almost every single cab driver you ask this question to will say no, and there are a number of reasons that they will, and should, answer in this manner. Consider the financial implications alone. If a cab driver was to speed and get caught, there is a good chance that the fine that they are charged with would eliminate their entire day’s earnings. People in most other careers wouldn’t be expected to risk their day’s wages on the request of a customer.

Next you have to think about how such a request could affect the career of your cab driver. The truth is that if your cab driver was to speed regularly when people requested it of them, they would likely get a number of speeding tickets. When this happens, their insurance costs are going to begin to rise, which is going to make them more of a liability than an asset to the cab company. There are many taxi companies which have limits on how many traffic infractions a driver can have and remain on staff. Therefore, a driver could literally be putting their career on the line if they agreed to speed when a customer asks them too.

The driver’s safety is also a consideration. Again, when you think about your own career, it is unlikely that you would put your life in danger on the request of any random customer. Whenever a customer requests that a cab driver speeds, they are requesting that the driver put themselves in harm’s way. Numerous studies have shown that increased speed on the road increases the potential severity of any injury sustained in a traffic accident. Drivers shouldn’t have to risk their own safety because a customer is running late.

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