Consulted a Jones Act Lawyer Regarding Your Jones Act Claims?

There is no exception when we are going to talk about accidents or injuries, no matter where you are, or how careful you are, you are not certain that you are included to the individuals who were at risk. The main instance where accidents occur was during work, it is like what happened to my fathers co-worker. They were working offshore but currently located in the dock to unload the materials and equipment.

The accident occurs late at night when they were checking the other engine’s status. The said individual as it was said was checking the engine while the other one was assisting and my father on the other barge. As they were doing the task there was a sudden ticking noise and where a quick spark came to life and in a few moments the man was in fire, according to my father’s story since his co-worker was doing the task he was exposed to fuels as well and that was the major reason why he was caught by the fire from a spark. As soon an it happened my father and the one who was assisting the man who was in fire came to rescue to putt off the fire completely and to save the life of the man, after putting off the fire they brought the man to the hospital. The man was lucky enough the barge was situated in the dock and he is in the hospital for few minutes. He suffers major burns but he was safe already and recovering slowly.

The maritime industry was one of the most riskiest industries, workers work long numbers of hours and often time offshore. Because of that maritime workers were close to unexpected events and putting their lives at risk. In 1920 in respond to the heath and protection for maritime workers, Jones Act was passed by Senator Wesley Jones.

If you were working on a barge, as a seamen, dock worker, cargo ships, tanker or any company under the maritime industry it your responsibility to know your rights and claims, it is true that being in the maritime industry you were one of the high earning workers but you must consider the risk you may encounter.

Researching and reading gives you information about Jones Act and your concerns. There several websites that discusses every single detail that you might need to clear up you mind but it is still advised to ask an expert, a trusted Jones Act Lawyer who were defending alike cases and focuses on Maritime Law and Jones Act.

You must not doubt to seek a help from a Jones act lawyer, just be wise in choosing one.

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