Divorce and Consent Order – Why Every Divorcee Should Get One

What is a consent order?

In England and Wales it is an agreement (often financial) between parties which has been made legally binding and enforceable by a court.

In terms of a divorce, it ensures that the wishes of the parties are sanctioned by a judge, so that if one party to the divorce changes their mind later on, the other party can go back to court to enforce the order.

Many people going through a divorce may have already dealt with the practical details of their finances before actually starting the divorce petition itself and will often say, “Why do we need an order when we have already split everything?”

The answer is simple. No one knows what may happen in the future, people change their minds. They can be influenced by new partners or by changing financial circumstances, and the last thing anyone needs is for an application to be made to the court years down the line which will not only cost a fortune in legal fees but will cause upset and anger for years. A consent order is in fact a form of insurance, let’s call it divorce insurance.

To avoid this we urge all people getting divorced, no matter how big or small their assets are to obtain a consent order to prevent this happening to them.

The consent order can deal with the division of property, division of savings and investments, child and spousal maintenance and of course debt.

Where can I get a cheaper consent order?

You don’t have to have a high street Solicitor deal with your consent order. Nowadays there are companies online who offer the service. They can draft the order to your specific requirements and often can file the order for you and deal with any queries. The reason they charge less than Solicitors is that they use Solicitors to draft the documents on a pay-by-case basis, so the more they deal with the more they get paid. Like any volume provider they have become expert at turning round the documents quickly and without mistakes.

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