Easy Ways to Get the Truth Using Public Records

A while ago, getting to know if someone was what they claimed to be needed a huge investment of resources. However, using three main channels, the process has been made easy as pie: the reverse SSN search, sex offender search and the birth record search.

The reverse SSN search works really well to prove whether the SSN a person uses is the one that was officially issued him by the government. This is effective in cases where you have an SSN whose owner is unknown or the owner is not trustworthy and you need to find out the actual owner.

With the reverse SSN search, you could also find out about someone’s last known residence and place of work. This means that even when their current whereabouts are unknown, you still have a foundation for your search.

A sex offender search, on the other hand, is used to determine if someone has been convicted of a sex-related felony in the past. It could be a person in the neighborhood whose conduct around children raises alarm. It may also be someone into whose care you need to entrust your children.

Maintaining these records is mandatory for all states and any past sex offender is required to register once every 3 months. This makes the sex offender search very useful in ascertaining the safety of young ones or even persons going on blind dates.

The birth record search is mostly used during research. If for instance one wants to trace their genealogy, this is a very easy and straightforward way of doing so. A birth record search may also be sought in cases where such details are necessary for law enforcement, medical or even legal use and cannot be found otherwise.

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