Filipina Wives – How Soon Can You Get Your Wife to the US?

After the wedding, getting your Filipina wife to the United States is a different matter altogether. It’s actually a long-winded process that takes at least six months to complete. Fortunately, however, most Filipina wives have enough patience to follow through the process.

So, where does the processing of your wife’s visa begin? It all starts from filing a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Filing for a US spousal visa is actually a complicated multi-filing process. Two separate petitions are filed: one is the required CR1 (I-130) and the optional K3 (I-129F).

Both types of US spousal visas are processed independently of one another.

K3 Visa

This type of visa is actually a tourist-type of visa, and when your Filipina wife enters the United States, she will need to apply for a Green Card (Adjustment of Status) as soon as she enters the US. However, this type of visa is issued several months sooner than the required CR1. Approval for the green card takes 6 months to one year.

CR1 Visa

As has been said, the CR1 visa takes several months longer than the K3 visa. However, your wife will be able to receive her green card within just a few weeks of her arrival in the United States. This type of visa takes around 10 to 18 months to be issued.

Now, you might be wondering how much it would cost for her to get to the United States. Excluding travel expenses for your wife, you will need to pay for filing fees with the USCIS. The fee for a Spousal Petition is currently pegged at $355 per applicant. Additional fees from the National Visa Center and the US Embassy will total around $1,100 per applicant.

Please take note, however, just because you’re married it doesn’t mean your visa will be automatically approved. There have been cases where Filipina wives were denied of their visas. Why? Because they failed to provide evidence of their relationship with their American husbands, like 30 pages worth of emails talking about their lives together.

So, this is one piece of advice you should keep in mind if you’re keen on bringing her to the US as soon as possible – it pays to keep communicating even when you’re carrying on a long-distance relationship.

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