Grounds for Annulment Of Marriage

In circumstances of marital discord, there are three options available to the couple. The most hassle free alternative is separation without any legality involved. The second way is to obtain a divorce, which can be financially, physically and mentally taxing. The third option comes in the form of annulment.

Having stated this, it is vital to comprehend the underlying difference between a divorce and an annulment. While the former denotes the legal termination of the relationship, the latter proves the marriage itself to be non-existent. Every marriage does not fall into the eligibility zone of an annulment. There are certain grounds laid down by the law, the authentication of which can aid in procuring an annulment.

Entering into a wedlock with a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle, or any similar half (step) relation; termed legally as a case of consanguinity or affinity is a valid ground for annulment of the marriage. Such a marriage is held null and void from the very beginning. Bigamy that is the act of marrying an individual while being still legally wedded to another one renders the second marriage invalid. Marriage with a mentally incompetent individual without the written consent of the other party could become a reason of nullifying the relationship.

A marriage is considered legal only when administered by a legally eligible individual. In cases otherwise, the marriage can be referred to as invalid. Forcing marriage on a person who does not desire the same or entering into wedlock through fraud are substantial grounds of annulment. Also, a dishonest intention behind marriage such as attaining citizenship can hold the marriage invalid. There are many physical conditions that if concealed prior to the marriage can make the relationship liable for an annulment. These include impotency, and health issues projecting problems to the spouse or progeny.

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