How To Fight A Speeding Ticket And Win – Create Doubt

You got the dreaded speeding ticket and now you want to know how to fight a speeding ticket and win in court? You’ve joined 35 million of your fellow Americans that receive a traffic ticket each year. Don’t fret. You can beat a speeding ticket if you have all the right information and strategies needed to win. The key is creating doubt in the officer’s testimony.

That’s right. In court, you want to create doubt in the officer’s testimony. It’s a key element in how to fight a speeding ticket and win in court. Fighting a speeding ticket requires a few different strategies, but one simple thing needed is to collect and have detail that the officer would never remember. The officer is likely writing 5-10 tickets a day and will only remember what he jotted down on the back of your ticket when he wrote it. You can use this detail you’ve collected to show that the officer doesn’t remember your case when they testify in court. Under oath they will need to say they don’t recall that information. The more times you can get them to say that, the more doubt you are creating in their testimony.

So, one of the key things to prepare for court, is to jot down every detail you can think of about when you were pulled over. For example:

  • Color of your pants, shirt, dress
  • Wearing sunglasses? Style?
  • Exact color (per Manufacturer) of your car. Not just green. Dark Forest Green
  • Exact type/location of large scratches & dings on your car
  • Another car or truck on side of road nearby? Was it a Blue Ford F250?
  • Style of hub caps and brand of tires on your car?
  • Exactly where and what position officers car was parked (draw a picture)
  • Go back and take pictures of the physical location from your view and from the officer’s view. Going to the location might jog more detail memories

The more specific details you have, the less likely the officer will be of remembering. It’s key to your defense in how to fight a speeding ticket and win, because you’ll be asking him to describe the detail you collected and he’ll have to say he doesn’t recall. Yes, the key is details. In court, asking the officer if they remember traffic conditions is much different then asking him if he recalled the company name on the 18 wheeler that was right next to you when they were pulling you over.

Getting a speeding ticket really does stink. I’m sure you told that officer off and put them in their place. All in your mind of course. We’ve all been there. LOL! You can beat these guys. You just need the right information to help you figure out How to Fight a Speeding Ticket and Win in Court. Once you have that, fighting that ticket is easy and fun.

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