How to Find Marriage Records Online Free

There are an estimated five million marriage records alone in Florida which are maintained at the Vital Statistics Offices. In spite of these records being available for public viewing, much of the content is private and confidential. Anyone is able to request a copy of a marriage certificate by following a set protocol.

There are several ways in which one can obtain a marriage record, either by contacting your district court where the marriage took place or by sending a fax or letter to the offices. One can also go into the said courts and request a copy of the certificate. If for instance you were married in the state of Florida, you will only be able to obtain a copy of the marriage certificate in Florida from the county clerk of the court.

When applying for a copy of the certificate one needs to pay a fee of $5 for a single certificate and $4 for any additional certificates at any one time. There are no specific restrictions and the fee has to be paid without exemption, even if the records are not found as the fee is non- refundable. Finding marriage records is implemented under the jurisdiction of the said state. Anyone has the right to request a marital history of another person as well as a background history.

A far easier way of obtaining these types of records is by going online. This saves time and money and can be done from any part of the world. Online is a faster and more efficient way. However, you will need the person’s first name and surname as well as the state they got married in and the date of marriage.

Here are some steps you can take to find marriage records. Firstly you can visit the clerk of the court in the district the marriage took place. These offices are only open week days Monday to Friday. You will need to fill out an application form which include the bride as well as the groom’s name and the year the marriage took place.

One may request to view the documents only, in which case there is no charge. Online marriage records are mainly free. If you are unable to locate these records you may need to pay an agency online which will conduct a full search. If you do not have the relevant information required you may want to as friends or family for the required information.

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