I-130 – Getting the Job Done!

Sure it’s easy to do research and piddle around on the web, but really beginning, that’s the key to finishing. My new motto, is simply ACT, do something to get the ball rolling. I used to think that IBM’s old motto was the ticket, THINK, but I’ve learned you can spend your whole life thinking, and never accomplish anything. In my life, I’ve thought about lots of projects, but the ones that I look back on fondly are those where I ACTED.

Oh, yes, I-130 forms. You must be in the same boat, thinking about filling out that form. Perhaps a little intimidated by the jargon and crazy government speak. Don’t let that stop you. Many people have managed to complete the form on their own. Starting, that is the problem. Start now, just get going.

This is one of the projects where I spent about a year building code, so we could make the job easier for you guys. Every single question is explained in normal English, not that crazy government talk. Simple stuff, for you. No way that you can imagine the hours spent making it simple.

So… what do you need to get started.

1.You need a birth certificate.
2.Legal entry papers
3.Marriage licenses
4.Divorce papers
5.Full criminal history
6.Pretty much everything that any government knows about you.

If you don’t have anything for number 5, that’s good. Most of us seem to fall into that category. You can be sure that the USCIS will perform a full background check. If you’ve had a problem, then get a lawyer. Don’t settle for just any old lawyer, get someone who has done this many times. Yes, you will pay for that, but if you get rejected, that’s it, you’re done.

Start now! Find your papers, write your family, if you don’t have the necessary papers here. You will also need to find a translator, that will sign his/her work. When you submit paperwork, a translation will be necessary. You submit original plus certified translations.

Make your list, set a deadline. None of this will happen fast, once you start it may be 2 years before the government gets it’s act together. Think about where you want to be in 2 years. Build a case in your mind for why this project is important.

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