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I spend almost two hours dumping myself in bed but I could not manage to sleep, I am closing my eyes and wishing to fall asleep and just dream, but nothing happened. I got up and with in 5 minutes I was sitting on my computer table and open my computer and began searching what ever came in my mind. After a couple of minutes I got an article about an accident offshore, I read the entire article and was found myself still for a moment. I just though: “What will happen to those victims? To the workers, after those tragedy could they live normally like ant other individual does? How about their families for those who died or those that cannot work because of the said accident?’. It was very heart breaking, a sad reality and it was not a dream nor am I just dreaming.

The next moment I was eager to find answers to my thoughts, I searched and came up to Merchant Marine Act of 1920 or commonly known as the Jones Act. It was passed by Senator Wesley Jones in the year 1920, in response to the concerns about the health of the workers and to protect them from negligence and to give proper attention when they suffer injury or accident while rendering their service in a certain maritime industry company.

I came into a conclusion that the said law was the answer but it was not enough just to know about the said law and to understand it, in this situation there came lawyer, they were focused and specialized on the cases which was connected to the Merchant Marine Act and the claims of the worker in the case of an unexpected event.

In connection with this and if you came to be a victim of an accident or injury offshore, you must seek for a Jones Act Lawyer whom you can trust your case and could defend you. You should be wise enough to select the best one, yes there lawyers that promise you to handle your case very well and would assess you until you have finally won your case and have yourself and your family been protected, but sometimes it will end up your case being referred to another lawyer and this became the reason of slow response to your case. Certainly you do not want to end up helpless in the midst of the situation and would turn out into nothing.

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