Making An Apartment Lease Form

An apartment lease form is a legal document used to document a lease between two parties, the landlord and the tenant which states certain agreements between the two parties prior to occupation of the premises. An apartment lease form has to include details about the apartment, the tenant, landlord, and the mutually agreed points. In all cases, the form or document has to be signed by both parties and probably a witness, before it can be legally binding. Different states and countries have different laws regarding various aspects or finer details of the leasing process. However, most of the forms have universal basic information requirements that must be fulfilled. Thus, making such a form from scratch can be a very simple task as described below.

For a start, anyone looking at an apartment lease form should be able to identify the apartment by its stated address. It should include the landlord, that is, house owner and the tenant’s name as these are the two parties entering into an agreement, with spaces for their signatures. Do not forget to mention the period for which the premises is being leased out. This needs to be stated on the form along with the starting date of the lease and the expiry date. It is always good to agree upon the rent amount, its mode of payment, due date of payment, be it monthly, quarterly or yearly etc. Most landlords demand a security deposit at the beginning of the lease period; this should also be mentioned here, if any is required. Information about utilities and their bills, including which party will be responsible for their payment need to be mentioned, in addition to the entry right if the owner needs one.

In case of a future rent increase, the percentage increase can be fixed to be effective after a certain period of time or upon expiry of the agreement and should be included in the form. Similarly, rules about noise pollution, cleanliness, keeping pets etc should be worked out in detail. The landlord may or may not allow taking a roommate or subletting, so do ask in advance. Finally, remember that an apartment lease agreement is a legal document which holds a lot of value and can be tendered in court by either party. So before signing one, be sure to read it in detail and understand your rights and obligations therein.

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