Seek A Jones Act Lawyer Regarding Your Jones Act Claims

Your life became thinner when you are at risk…” This quoted thought keeps on stirring into my mind after watching a movie the other night. The movie was about offshore accidents but it happened several years ago. While watching the said movie I cannot help to pity those workers that suffers great tragedy for working offshore. Yes they are taking safety precautions but still accident happened, it only shows that no one is exempted when we’re talking about accidents and personal injuries. This is same instanced happened to my fathers old friend who was is working offshore, but he is just lucky enough that he was saved but certainly in a bad condition.

In a single moment several things may happen, even if you were just standing still in an area and waiting for the time pass would that convince yourself you are 100% safe? I think the answer is not, anybody, without a particular given place and time may meet an accident or an injury. Often times injuries and accidents take place in the presence of your work, and one of the most riskiest industry is the maritime industry. Why? It is for a simple response, usually maritime workers were working long number of hours when you compared to regular employee, most of them were away for a couple of months. These situations may lead to health complexities due to lack of medical attention during work, in addition exposure to chemicals is also another factor results to heath problems of the workers.

The above statement became the reason why Senator Wesley Jones in 1920 the merchant Marine Act of 1920 or the Jones Act. This law serves the protection of the maritime workers in the event of unexpected instances. As an employee, it is your responsibility to know your rights and claims, laws were quite complicated and sometimes hard to understand but there are several references that could help you understood the above mentioned law, furthermore it is referred to seek answers and full explanation to the experts, from a Jones Act Lawyer who were focused in this field.

In choosing a lawyer, you must also consider things, it is not enough that you have one that promised to help you but end up in referring you to another lawyer, have the one from a known firm and with a good background, had the assessment from the beginning until questions and doubts took off.

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