Why Most AARTO Traffic Fines Issued Go Astray

The address to which thousands of AARTO traffic-fine notices issued each month are erroneously sent at public cost at a cost of over R3m in postage.

This outrageous statistic was emerged from a recent metro police chiefs’ report. The documented flaws in the new Aarto system, as well as the costs from Aarto who is the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Act is under the spotlight.

The new system, which includes a demerit point system that could ultimately cost serial road-regulation offenders of their needed driving licences, will be implemented countrywide in 2011.

The South African metro police chiefs say that the national eNaTIS system’s address list is being used to send and post notices of traffic fines to all vehicle owners by registered post. It was reported at least 60% of these addresses are incorrect and that the fines issued go astray.

This report has been confirmed by the CEO MR, Ranthoko Rakgoale of the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), which administers Aarto. It is known that eNaTIS draws its database information from forms which first ask all motorists to provide residential and then secondly their postal addresses.

While completing the postal address field, many motorists will often write: “As above”. This “address” is then electronically captured by eNaTIS. This is where it all goes wrong.

When traffic fine notices are generated by the enatis system, the database information in the postal address field is then copied to the traffic fine notice for the local Post Office to deliver by registered post. This is why the post goes astray.

As a result of this problem, and other regular administrative errors, up to about 60% of the notices are returned undelivered. Often the Post office is blamed for this error, but it clearly a adminastrative problem.

The Post Office branches are struggling to handle the volumes of strayed AARTO notices.

Sadly the motorist is not able to benefit from the 32 days notice grace period, where they can dispute fines with irregularities or get 50% discount on the fines, because they do not they even have a fine issued.

Most motorist only find out about the offence when they are stopped in a road block or search on line for unaccounted fines issued.

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