Investing Basics

 Chapter 1: Building liquid savings
Why pay penalties to use your own money? Keep some liquid and even earn interest at the same time.

* Develop a savings plan
* How interest rates are determined
* Savings accounts
* Money market accounts
* Money market funds

Chapter 2: Certificates of deposit
Get paid to let someone else use your money! CDs offer a fixed rate of return for a specific amount of time.

* Lock up your money; get higher interest
* Types of CDs
* Certificate of deposit investing strategies
* Early withdrawal penalties

Chapter 3: Investing in bonds
Bewildered by bonds? Troubled by Treasuries? We’ve got you covered — from savings bonds and beyond!

* U. S. Treasury securities
* The I-bond
* Series EE Patriot Bond
* TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities)
* Corporate bonds

Chapter 4: Fixed-income investing
They’re not sexy, but diversifying your portfolio can be: annuities, permanent insurance and bank loan funds.

* Permanent insurance: Whole, universal, variable
* Annuities
* Bank loan funds

Chapter 5: Savings with tax breaks
Uncle Sam wants you — to save money. And he’ll give you a break on your taxes in a tax-advantaged account.

* IRAs
* Education-savings plans
* Penalty-free IRA withdrawals
* 401(k)s

Chapter 6: Banking institutions
Banks, thrifts and credit unions — here’s some information on how to decide where to park your cash.

* Types of banking institutions
* Whom to complain to, and how
* How the FDIC protects your money

Chapter 7: Bankrate’s resources
Looking for the safest banks and best rates? Bankrate gives you the tools to make a wise choice.

* Researching savings rates on
* Criteria used in surveys
* How safe is your bank?

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