Reverse Mortgages

If you are a homeowner age 62 years or older and you need or want to do one or more of the following:

– Eliminate your existing mortgage and end your monthly mortgage payments.

– Pay hospital and medical bills.

– Get cash for daily expenses or to pay off rising debts.

– Perform home improvements or repairs.

– Enjoy travel and vacations.

– Buy cars, boats and motor homes.

– Pay College Tuition for children or grandchildren.

– Give to a charity, church or club.

Then the answer is ‘yes.’

The problems seniors face

You may be preparing to retire and need to pay off your existing mortgage to eliminate the burden of your monthly mortgage payments. You may need to pay medical bills, make home repairs or perform renovations to your home to accommodate physical handicaps. Your children or grandchildren may want help with their tuition. Or how about taking that long overdue vacation you haven’t been able to afford. Many senior homeowners desire to remain in their homes rather than sell and move once they reach retirement. You worked hard to purchase your home. Why sell it just because you need extra cash!

Solutions for seniors

I’ll show you how a Reverse Mortgage will use the equity in your home to give you cash to pay off your mortgage, eliminate bills and medical expenses, or to buy virtually any of life’s needs and wants. You will continue to own your home as you do today. You and your heirs will keep any future equity remaining in your home. A Reverse Mortgage requires no monthly mortgage payments. You pay nothing back to the bank until you sell or permanently leave your home, and you can never owe more than the value of your home.

The most popular Reverse Mortgage is the FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) which is government insured. For older borrowers with high value homes I have proprietary loans (Jumbo Reverse Mortgages) that provide a larger benefit to you than the HECM. There are even Reverse Mortgages for Seniors that are interested in buying a home but don’t want monthly mortgage payments.

Your Reverse Mortgage benefits may be taken as a lump sum payment, a line of credit, or monthly payments for as long as you (or your spouse) live in your home. You may even combine these options to maximize your benefits.

I show you all your options and help you select the best plan for your needs.

Mr. and Mrs. ‘B’

Mr. and Mrs. B. were literally living in the cold without a working furnace and their home was going into foreclosure. Their fixed income wasn’t going to let them catch up on late mortgage payments or make necessary home repairs. Their family contacted me and we did a full assessment of their needs including an inspection of the work necessary to bring their home back to good repair. I helped them apply for and receive the needed cash benefits from a Reverse Mortgage to pay their current mortgage in full and to make their home a safe and comfortable place to enjoy their retirement years.

A Reverse Mortgage may be right for you too

A Reverse Mortgage converts the equity in your home into cash that you can use for any purpose. There must be enough equity in your home so the Reverse Mortgage will pay off your existing mortgage, meaning no more monthly mortgage payments for as long as you live in your home. Plus the excess equity can be used for daily living, health care, home improvement or for your enjoyment.

The benefits of working with me and a complimentary consultation

I will listen to you and understand your needs by meeting with you face to face. Most often this is in your home or place of your choosing. I will explain your options in detail and answer every question so you understand all the features and benefits of Reverse Mortgages before you make a decision. This is done with no cost or obligation to you. If you decide to wait, or feel that a Reverse Mortgage is not right for you, we’ll part ways with a smile and a handshake. The personalized Reverse Mortgage benefits information is yours to keep. I’m confident you’ll refer your friends to me when they have questions about Reverse Mortgages.

My background

I have been in residential lending since 2003, with a specialty in Reverse Mortgages. I am a member of AARP and a licensed California Real Estate Broker. My motto ‘Helping senior homeowners get cash for life’ truly describes my belief that I can introduce you to a guaranteed source of money to gain a better quality of life while living securely in your own home.

Getting started is risk free

I take care of all the paperwork. I prepare the Reverse Mortgage application for your approval and submit it for underwriter review and processing. You receive free HUD/FHA approved HECM counseling from a third party agency. I make the arrangements for title and escrow, and order a full appraisal on your home.

It starts with a phone call from you. I’ll ask a few basic questions over the phone to determine where we should begin your Reverse Mortgage investigation for your financial freedom.

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