Cash for Structured Settlement

 Cash for Structured Settlement
Personal injury claims used to be settled merely by exchanging a sum of money for a release of the claim. In contrast, a Structured Settlement goes beyond an immediate cash payment and provides future payments “structured” over time to meet a person’s ongoing financial needs. A structured settlement may provide payments for a certain period of time or extend throughout the lifetime of the injured person.

Why Structure a Settlement?

A structured settlement removes the injured party from the burden and risk of investing and managing a large sum of money. It reduces the possibility of exhausting all the settlement funds while needs still exist.

Tax Exemption
All benefit payments received in a structured settlement of a workers’ compensation or physical injury claim are exempt from federal income tax under current tax law.

Short term or lifetime plans can be designed because of the flexible nature of a structured settlement.

Because an injury may affect future earning potential, a structured settlement has the added benefit of replacing a portion of these funds. If lifetime benefits are designed, a person eliminates the worry of outliving his or her income.

Our administrative experience and financial strength provides both stability and peace of mind for the injured person and their family.

How Does a Structured Settlement Work?
You have decided prior to the settlement of your claim that you will receive payments through a structured payout. You or your attorney negotiate with the person or company you are making a claim against (the defendant) to agree on what future payments will be. The defendant funds his/her payment obligation to you by buying an annuity with a payment stream that matches the agreement. The life insurance company that issues the annuity makes the payments directly to you when they are due.

Sometimes defendants transfer their payment obligations to a third party through an assignment agreement. The third party (the assignee) has the sole obligation to pay you, and will buy and own the annuity. This assignment is an advantage to you because the assignees have extensive experience in handling the administration of structured settlements. The assignee can be more responsive to your questions and servicing needs.

Before entering into a structured settlement, make sure the life insurance company issuing the annuity is financially sound and will be there to make future payments. Most people have neither the time nor the resources to thoroughly research the financial condition of the company. There are, however, several rating companies who specialize in this analysis. Their evaluations are a good source of information regarding the strength and dependability of life insurance companies.

SFG and Structured Settlements
SFG was one of the early entrants into the structured settlement market and remains committed to our clients. Recognized as a leader in the structured settlement administration, the quality of our service has become a standard in the industry.

With our strong financial position, experienced management and balanced investments, SFG is a solid choice for funding your structured settlement.

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