The REAL Truth About Servicing

 1. No annuity issuer in the structured settlement writing business has ever refused to permit an annuitant to sell only a portion of periodic payments (ie 100 of 250 payments) or sell just lump sums or periodic payments in a mixed payment scenario.

2. To our knowledge, only one annuity issuer out of approximately 39 issuers who write structured settlements refuses to “split” individual payments (ie refuses to cut two checks if the annuitant wishes to sell only $400.00 of a series of $1,000 monthly payments.) The other 38 annuity issuers permit such splitting.

3. In the limited circumstance where the annuity issuer refuses to split, our company arranges for an arms length, independent and bonded servicer to service the payments. We do not service the payments ourselves as we believe such is a conflict of interest.

The bottom line is that companies that engage in routine servicing do so with the objective to eliminate competition and low ball offers to annuitants who later want to sell the remaining payments. The practice is extensive and long-standing and the fact that a company like Settlement Capital (whom we have proof has serviced payments in a #1 scenario above) is trying to defend its practice suggests that Cravenho and Darer have hit a raw nerve.

Written by David Springer the president of Sovereign Funding Group. Sovereign Funding Group is an experienced, reputable company that offers convenient, no-pressure services to help individuals with the selling of their deferred structured settlement payments.

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