Why do a Structured Settlement

 A structured settlement’s most important advantage is security. The structured settlement provides long term payments that are guaranteed by a life insurance company.

Another advantage that a structured settlement provides is its tax-free position. All payments made via a structured settlement are nontaxable by federal tax guidelines (IRS Section 104(a)(2). 100% of every payment is tax exempt.

The structured settlement allows the injured party to tailor payments over his or her life. There is no need to meet periodically with an investment or tax advisor. Payments are decided during the initial settlement and then are directed to the injured victim. It gives peace of mind, security, and confidence over the long term.

Patriot Settlement Resources offers a lump sum cash option for structured settlement recipients whose financial situation requires them to access future payments now. We structure our transactions based on the financial needs of each individual client. We can purchase all or part of your remaining payments for a lump sum payout.

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